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Body Language

It’s what you don’t say that really matters! Some say, "It's not what you know but who you know."  Others say, "It's not what you say but how you say it."


Understanding body language, learning the camouflaged code of communication allows one to differentiate between what people say and what they really mean. Taking a little time to consider and learn this basic, yet fundamental skill can drastically help us in our quest to improve our peer to peer interaction and communication, whilst building self-confidence and assertiveness.


Knowing the little clues, signals, and signs that people use in business and social settings helps people to interpret behavioural motives and in turn enables them to rapidly organise information for quick decisions and/or responses that are vital to any business decision they have to make.


Delegates will get the chance to explore the true motives and behaviour of others, while improving their own intercommunications, helping them to make more informed decisions and meet personal goals.


  • Do you like me? - What are people saying, what are they really thinking?

  • Are you lying to me? – learn to spot the true meaning of a conversation

  • My space or yours? - gaining the upper hand and controlling the interplay

  • Make your presence felt – the power game of interaction

  • Stress fractures – spotting pressure in our adversaries

  • Sincerity or fake – learn the signs of double dealer

  • Body language myths

  • How to recognise negative body language

  • The role of body language in communication

  • Influencing colleagues and clients

  • Closing the deal, the sale and other vital business elements

Learning outcomes:

  • Get to know your preferred communicating style

  • Understand how body language influences daily life

  • Recognise how and why this second language either reinforces or contradicts the spoken word

  • Learn the meaning of underlying gestures, facial expressions and body postures

  • Learn to use and interpret how body language influences business agreements

  • How to influence colleagues and clients

  • Spot hidden agendas

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Duration: ½ Day course

Venues: At your own offices or our luxury training venues in Cardiff, Newport (Nr Celtic Manor), Bristol or Swindon (Please state your choice of venue when booking)



£650 +  VAT