Body Language People
Body Language People 2


  • Do you like me? - What are people saying, what are they really thinking?
  • Are you lying to me? – learn to spot the true meaning of a conversation
  • My space or yours? - gaining the upper hand and controlling the interplay
  • Make your presence felt – the power game of interaction
  • Stress fractures – spotting pressure in our adversaries
  • Sincerity or fake – learn the signs of double dealer
  • Body language myths
  • How to recognise negative body language
  • The role of body language in communication
  • Influencing colleagues and clients
  • Closing the deal, the sale and other vital business elements

Learning outcomes:

  • Get to know your preferred communicating style
  • Understand how body language influences daily life
  • Recognise how and why this second language either reinforces or contradicts the spoken word
  • Learn the meaning of underlying gestures, facial expressions and body postures
  • Learn to use and interpret how body language influences business agreements
  • How to influence colleagues and clients
  • Spot hidden agendas