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Course Overview:


Building and managing a successful brand is a key marketing tool. The ability to develop a ‘brand image’, an immediate and recognised connection between your business organisation and your customer/client, has always been a vital element. However, in today’s highly connected business world, the need coupled with the technological availability to market your business with its unique image stamp ‘brand’ to increase profitability has never be greater.


Brands can be some of the most potent commercial forces in business. Exploring the reasons why brands are so valuable and the factors that contribute to that value are a key element of developing a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Delegates will examine the concept of branding to understand why brands are so valuable. By exploring the many factors that contribute to brand value, delegates will learn that creating a memorable brand takes much more than just developing a strong image.


A brand is created internally. However, its design, and look and therefore its effectiveness are influenced externally by consumers.


You will evaluate the value brands provided to both the firm and the consumer, and identify the qualities that create an effective brand image. Real-world examples will illustrate how marketing communication tools and techniques can be used to build brand equity.


Who should attend?


This workshop will be especially useful for marketers when they have to prepare a brand plan for the first time, or are reviewing the effectiveness of their current brands. It is also invaluable for senior managers having to evaluate the brand plans submitted to them by marketing specialists.


Topics Covered: 

  • The benefits of branding

  • Branding and marketing – what’s the difference

  • Your brand - your greatest asset

  • Why you should care about your brand

  • What is your personal brand and how do you know what it is

  • Your logo, slogan and design scheme

  • Your brands’ values

  • Branding a promised delivered

  • Your brand is your:

  • Customer promise

  • Your business values

  • Your personality

  • Creating the brand

  • Creating the right impression

  • Communicating the meaning of your brand

  • Exploiting the meaning and value of your brand

  • Building up a brand FAQs

  • How long does it take to build a brand

  • Raising your profile

  • How to promote your profile

  • Creating the right impression

  • Creating the brand


Learning outcomes:

  • The principles of branding, brand benefits and components

  • The overall brand planning process

  • Market and brand situation analysis in order to identify consumer insight as the basis of future brand strategy

  • How to generate ideas for brand strategy including the contents of the brand positioning statement, illustrated with examples from a number of leading brands

  • The structure and contents of a brand guideline document

  • The role of marketing communications

  • Planning and evaluating the performance of the brand

  • Branding issues for your organisation and development of an action plan to address them.