Conflict Resolution

conflict 2

Who should attend?
This is a Level 1 course targeted at delegates with little or no experience of managing conflict. This course provides a gentle introduction into the world of conflict resolution, using a balanced approach of theory and practical workshops, to provide delegates with the opportunity to apply the techniques that they will learn.

Course content

  • Introduction to conflict situations
  • The purpose of conflict
  • Defusing blame
  • Active listening and responding
  • Understanding the roles people play
  • Dealing with strong feelings
  • Delivering bad news
  • Turning arguments into discussions
  • Getting to the core of the problem

Learning objectives

  • Understand and moderate reactions to conflict
  • Gain a greater awareness of how their own behaviours, emotions and values affect conflict situations
  • Develop an understanding of the reactions of others in a conflict situation
  • Learn to manage the behaviour and reactions of others in conflict situations
  • Understand how to foster a negotiating relationship in a conflict situation