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Creative Thinking & Problem Solving



The ability to think outside the box, laterally and vertically, to view something not as a problem, but as a challenge to be overcome, to be solved and capitalised upon, is a great tool to have and can make all the difference to the individual, the team and the organisation.


Have you ever wondered how certain colleagues or people come up with the answer to problems by approaching the issue from a different angle, or view point? They have a knack, a skill for clearing the block or creating a new pathway out or around the impasse, allowing the team to keep moving forward, to maintain momentum, unlocking and unleashing the full potential of individuals, the team, the group and organisation.

Course content

Learning objectives

• Use specific tools and strategies to help you think

 more creatively and more effectively

• Think beyond the needs of the present moment

• Develop creative thinking in yourself and your team

• Show increased ability to implement new ideas

• Combine creativity with proven problem solving skills

• Apply practical techniques to aid problem solving,

 decision making and generating new ideas

• Produce mind drawings

• Practise critical thinking

• Apply lateral thinking

• Defining creativity vs. innovation

• Exploring the thinking process

• Pinpointing problems and their influences

• Inspecting outcomes and outcome-based thinking

• Enhancing whole-brain thinking

• Leveraging left and right-brain dominance



• Exploring your own creativity

• Utilising tools and techniques to become more


• Identifying elements that stimulate creativity

• Eliminating barriers to innovation

• Remove blocks to creativity

• Obtaining maximum buy-in



• Challenging assumptions

• Avoiding groupthink

• Preparation, where much of the work is done

• Cerebration or rumination, where you turn the matter

 to your subconscious

• Realisation, where the idea comes to you

• Application, where you work out the creative idea and

 make it worthwhile



• Dominance drives behaviour

• Identifying your own natural brain dominance

• Considering preference gradients

• Reviewing common thinking patterns for jobs

• Dissecting the situation

• Evaluating problems (people, process and




• Unscrambling the iterative mind

• Moving between the left and right brain

• Valuing non-dominant preferences

• Stretching outside your personal style

• Deploying divergent and convergent thinking



• Methods of analysis

• Collecting data and information

• Defining boundaries and constraints

• Deconstructing problems using stair-step techniques



• Innovative mapping - imagination, creativity,

 flexibility, and organization of ideas



• Choosing among alternatives

• Establishing objectives - assigning weights to

 objectives to determine best decision

• Creating a satisfaction scale



• Determining the deviation and gap

• Testing probable causes

• Avoiding analysis paralysis

• Overcoming the "It won't work here" mentality

• Analysing for outcomes, not solutions



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Creative thinking is not something you are born with; it is a skill that can be improved with practice. The brain can be likened to a well-designed car; it needs an efficient driver to exploit its full potential.


There is always another way to do it, it might involve a new approach or process, different materials, methods, reach more customers or sell more products and it might be cheaper!


Creative thinking and problem solving is a great asset to have in the toolbox of life. The need to come up with new ideas, imaginary designs, new procedures and processes, a fresh look to keep the competitive edge, has never been greater. This creative thinking and problem solving course provides a range of techniques to give you a wide choice of options to keep ahead of the competition.

Duration: 1 day

Venues: At your own offices or our luxury training venues in Cardiff, Newport (Nr Celtic Manor), Bristol or Swindon (Please state your choice of venue when booking)