Effective Delegation

Effective Delegation

Many people are afraid to lose control of a task when they delegate or get substandard results. Many guidelines are provided in this course that help
participants use the right strategies and know what level of responsibility and authority to use at each point. Participants will learn howto delegate in away that increases their own productivity in the long term by allowing growth for the delegatee.
Just about anyone who is successful is highly engaged in delegating tasks,
otherwise they would never be able to become as big as they have become.
Delegation skills, much like many other soft skills, can come to define an individual’s success and can prove to be much more important than focusing on certain technical skills.

“This course contains several exercises that help participants

examine their own mentality towards delegation.”

Who Should Attend

This Level 1 course is targeted at those individuals who delegate or should delegate as part of their role. This course is designed to help participants master the art of delegation by overcoming the fears that prevent people from engaging in this activity and make the process as
simple and straightforward as possible.

Effective Delegation2

Course content

• What is delegation?

• What are the best strategies to delegate?

• What should you delegate?

• Who should you delegate it to?

• When should you delegate?

• How should you delegate?

• What are various types of delegation and what are the
advantages and disadvantages of each type?

• What is the ideal level to delegate to and why this

Learning objectives

• Appreciate the importance of delegating to others as
a way to offload work and get more done in your busy

• Face your fear of delegation and learn to think
positively of delegating tasks to others

• Use a systematic step-by-step approach to brief
people on what you want to delegate to them

• Coach and empower others to perform at their peak
and help them grow while completing a delegated