Excel Intermediate


Who Should Attend

This course is designed for any delegates who have attended the Excel foundation course or have relevant business experience, and would like to learn how to improve their skills in modifying and manipulating a spreadsheet.


Course content

  • Using Autofill to enter data quickly
  • Entering ranges of dates or numbers
  • Create/Edit/Delete a custom list
  • Using copy, cut & paste
  • Using paste special & paste link
  • Performing formulas quickly and correctly
  • Replicate a formula using autofill
  • Format cells as a date, currency, %, decimal places
  • Adding borders
  • Formatting text colour, size and style
  • Aligning Text and text at an angle
  • Applying text wrapping - merging cells
  • Setting up conditional formatting
  • Multiple conditional formatting options
  • Removing conditional formatting
  • Naming/Inserting/Deleting/Changing Order of worksheets
  • Linking worksheets and cells within a workbook
  • Moving Sheets to new/other worksheets

  • Use of zoom facility
  • Entering/ Formatting/Calculating dates and times correctly
  • Inserting multiple rows and columns
  • Freezing rows and columns
  • Creating headers and footers
  • Entering and formatting text
  • Entering/Deleting/Viewing and printing comments
  • Repeating title rows at top of page
  • Printing gridlines and row/column headings
  • Setting up a database - database concepts
  • Filtering data - Further filtering options
  • Using IF Statements for True/False results
  • Add or remove a chart title/data labels
  • Moving/Resizing a chart
  • Changing a chart type of charts colours
  • Saving a workbook as a new name
  • Save as a new file format or template