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Course Overview:


‘Placing the client/customer at the centre of your business strategy is paramount to success.’


A key role and therefore major aspect of every business' strategy for growth, is how it markets itself and the product/services it provides. Forward thinking and progressive marketing keeps companies and organisations at the forefront of their sector, by remaining competitive and adaptable.


Delegates will consider the effects and implications of marketing in a modern customer sophisticated market place. They will learn and acquire the creative skills needed, to plan, set up and roll out a successful marketing campaign. Learn to understand your customers’ real needs and desires, applying effective planning and marketing strategies that reflect these customer-centric market patterns and profiles.


Who is it for?


Anyone within a business or organisation, who needs marketing awareness and support, in order to initiate and run a marketing campaign that promotes the achievements of their business, products and services.  This course is recommended for business-to-business, service and manufacturing sectors, private and public sector organisations.


Topics Covered:


  • Know your product/service demand (Defining your target market)

  • Planning your marketing strategy (Fish where the fish are!)

  • Finding and evaluating your customers – (Fish for the right fish!)

  • Research your market

  • Time and energy required for your marketing strategy

  • Ways to get ahead of the competition

  • The Marketing Mix

  • Segmentation (making customer segmentation work for you)

  • Get out of your comfort zone

  • Cost effective marketing

  • Re-launching your business

  • Public relations and your marketing

  • Creativity and resourcefulness with your marketing

  • Be consistent and be proud of your brand

  • Measuring the return on your brand investment

  • Pricing:

  • How to price your service

  • Price vs. Sales

  • Choosing a pricing strategy

  • Setting your pricing strategy – different approaches


Learning Outcomes:


  • Delegates will be able to:

  • Market their business via effective communication techniques.

  • Be aware of the opportunities that marketing offers to uncover, explore and promote their businesses and products/service

  • Develop a marketing strategy that will help you focus on what to say, how to say it and who to say it to. Because timing is critical, it will tell you when to say it too.  

  • Start the process of designing a marketing strategy that will tailor your relationship with your customers using the right mix of marketing approaches

  • Learn to find and understand your customers’ needs. How a successful marketing strategy can inform and persuade them to buy or do business with you.

  • Put together a targeted market outline that will build a more detailed picture of your customer segmentation

  • Understand how your market works – how do and where do your customers find out about your marketing campaign? How applied targeting of your customers, whether via formal advertising, networking, trade shows, direct marketing, etc. can improve your business or organisation’s positive, publicity footprint.

  • Time your activities to fit the buying cycles of your customers, saving money and maximising sales

  • Strategically set out and plan marketing goals that look to the future

  • Evaluate measure and review, to see what is working and what is not, so allowing a flexible and adaptable marketing campaign.