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Despite the discovery of concepts such as Team Roles and Personality Types and their importance in constructing successful teams, we still come across many individuals and teams that are de-motivated and lacking in inspiration.


Recognising what motivates individuals and builds teams to perform at their optimum effectiveness is a vital and often overlooked tool for any manager, team leader or supervisor in the workplace.  Acquiring a sound understanding of the theories and principles behind the individual, group and team dynamics across a range of operational, organisational and business structured scenarios is an extremely powerful attribute.

Who Should Attend


This level 1 course is ideally suited to anyone responsible for managing people or teams. This course focuses on transforming a group of people to a team of motivated individuals who work smoothly towards a common goal.  It introduces delegates to the concept of team roles and explores different ways of recognising and establishing roles within the team. This knowledge enables team workers to manage their roles and responsibilities in the team and avoid gaps or overlaps in roles.

Course content

Learning objectives

  • Motivation triggers in yourself and others

  • Exploring the factors that motivate and demotivate individuals

  • Method of inspiration and self appreciation

  • The process and theory of motivation

  • Evaluating and assessing a range of motivation models

  • Incentives to motivate employees

  • Employing motivation skills for your TEAM

  • The dynamics of external/internal factors that affects staff morale

  • Applying motivation techniques in the workplace

  • Leadership motivation

  • The meaning of motivation

  • Motivation Theory

  • Understanding different motivators

  • Exploring motivation styles

  • The benefits of good motivation in the work place

  • Applying motivation skills to oneself

  • Motivation and the team

  • Develop and maintain a high performance team

“Providing a balanced

approach of theory,

practical exercises and group interaction”!

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Learning how to neutralize negativity, reduce unproductiveness and eliminate procrastination, looking at a range of internal and external factors that can be  utilised and effectively employed to raise the goals and aspirations of staff is vital in today's business world.


Motivating via a range of techniques, providing feedback that is constructive, clear and structured, that relates to a task, group or individual is an acquired skill.  Addressing low levels of moral and focusing on what factors inspire and trigger a happier, more productive workforce, increasing productivity and efficiency within any  organisation is also vital.  Individuals often have their own agenda, goals and objectives. Finding out what triggers these traits are called motivators. Understanding what focuses the individual and the team to achieve and complete the objectives set them, is a skill that anyone who works with or in a team should possess.


The aim of this course is to introduce the concepts and methods necessary to allow delegate to successfully motivate others and act as a source motivation to colleagues within the workplace to accomplishing a common goal.

Duration: 1 day course

Venues: At your own offices or our luxury training venues in Cardiff, Newport (Nr Celtic Manor), Bristol or Swindon (Please state your choice of venue when booking)



£650 + VAT