“This course contains several exercises that

provide participants the opportunity to apply the techniques learnt.”

Building trust, understanding and on-going partnerships, cementing the corner stones for future projects, contracts and orders is a vital and integral element of the art of negotiation and of the focused win-win orientated negotiator.

Understanding and appreciating the multifaceted, sometimes layered format that some negotiations can take, how to prevent your strategy from being hijacked and achieving your desired objective and outcome involves a ranges of skills, techniques and an understanding of human behaviours.

Knowing how to get the best from your team, assigning roles and responsibilities in line with
expertise, knowledge, experience and delegating key specific tasks to individuals, can equip you
with a highly proficient and potent weapon that will reap many benefits in all the phases of a

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for individuals who have already undertaken our ‘Negotiation Intermediate’ course, or have already participated in regular negotiations at a less intense level, but are now looking to improve or acquire a more in-depth understanding of negotiating, enhancing their skills to the next level in order to participate in more complex negotiations and situations.