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SM001a Negotiation

Negotiation Skills - Intermediate


Influencing, persuading and negotiation skills enable successful people to influence the thinking and behaviour of others and increase their selling success. People who have or acquire these skills build strong relationships, exert greater influence on their customers and project a positive image of themselves, their product or service and their organisation.

Who Should Attend


This course is designed for individuals who have already attended our ‘Negotiating and Influencing’ course or are currently involved in selling as part of their careers, but feel they would benefit from further enhancing of their current ability to persuade and influence current or future customers.

Course content

Learning objectives

Analyse behavioural traits and behavioural triggers

• Identify your behavioural type and your triggers

• Preparation, Planning & Practice

• Setting the Objective, planning the Strategy,  

 exploring the Tactics

• Setting your BATNA & WATNA – Your upper and lower


• Making the right, first impression

• Strategic Listening and Questioning techniques

• Building Rapport

• Selling the benefits

• Separating the person from the problem

• Propose, Bargain & Agree

• Overcoming obstacles

• Closing techniques

• Learn why people, react differently to others to a

 range of scenarios and situations

• Discover the importance of good preparation, great

 planning and thorough practice on increasing your

 success when negotiating in a sales environment

• Establish your upper and lower limits, what the deal is

 worth to you and your company; can you afford to

 walk away without an agreement? If so, what effect

 will this have on you, your company and your


• Enhance your strategic ‘Listening’ and ‘Questioning’

 skills and build a credible, trusting rapport from the


• Learn to overcome obstacles and barriers to

 negotiations by separating the person from the

 problem. Keep selling the benefits, the value of your

 product, service or position.  Conveying to your

 adversary the benefits and consequences of

 purchasing your product or service.

• Understand the timeline and structure of negotiating a

 sale - Proposing, Bargaining and Agreeing. Building a

 solid platform of understanding trust and credibility in

 order to gain a lasting commercial relationship.

• Learn and understand the negotiating techniques of

 closing a sale in order to enhance a satisfactory

 outcome and building for future business.

“This course contains several exercises that

provide participants the opportunity to apply the techniques learnt.”

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Learn how to recognise and avert or overcome obstacles that could impede or jeopardize the possibilities of achieving a successful outcome to your negotiation and sale. Understand the phases and timeline to a sales negotiation, by operating a ‘Propose, Bargain and Agree’ structure.


Knowing how to employ a range of closing strategies that will enable you to secure your intended sale and yet at the same time allow the customer to feel confident and satisfied that the business you have conducted with them is both fair and reliable, gaining their trust and respect and increasing the potential for future business.

The ability to make a great first impression that instills credibility and therefore trust in your potential and current customers, centres on a set of skills and techniques that have their origin in the understanding of human behavioural traits. Learning the art of first class communication, strategic listening and questioning skills, building good rapport and body language improves the rate of sales success.

Duration: 1 day course

Venues: At your own offices or our luxury training venues in Cardiff, Newport (Nr Celtic Manor), Bristol or Swindon(Please state your choice of venue when booking)



£650 + VAT