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Pitching for Business

No matter how good you, your idea or products are, in business, you need to be able to convince others, such as investors, potential partners or other organisations that you, your plan, your idea, are worth the investment in time, energy, commitment and of course, financial commitment.


If you are fortunate, you may have customers or potential customers clamouring at your door. Most of the time though, most of us have to go out and sell or pitch for business.


When you sell to customers, you have a minute amount of time in order to make an impressive first impression. Your potential investor must feel confident in what you have to say, they must believe in you, your product and your plan. You need to radiate authority and a sense of being in charge, no matter how trying or difficult the circumstances. Always remember, these people are very busy, if they have agreed to see you, then they must be attracted to something in your outline plan – it is yours to lose.


You have to present yourself and your plan as being above the norm, better than the rest without appearing arrogant or a know-it-all.


Knowing how to present information that is technical in a user-friendly and easily understandable manner is crucial to building rapport and empathy with your potential investor/s.


This course will show you how to plan, structure and deliver an effective pitch - a key skill needed by all entrepreneurs and those involved in expanding or improving their existing businesses. The course will cover the essential elements to pitching with confidence, panache and gravitas. This is a highly practical course and provides you with both practice and feedback on your presentation.


Course Outline:


  • Define the various terms and stages of a pitch

  • Identify key skills and qualities that will contribute to a successful pitch

  • The business plan pitch process

  • What are future potential investors looking for?

  • Your idea, your team & the market place

  • Your customer segmentation

  • The competitive landscape

  • The Ask – state clearly and exactly, what you need in terms of investment

  • How to plan and layout an executive summary of your business proposal

  • Focus on pitch delivery, key themes, practical benefits and effective opening and closing statements

  • Delivering the perfect pitch

  • Create a value proposition

  • Tailor your pitch to fit the audience

  • Put it all together in a pitching practice exercise - Dragon's Den style

  • Identify the reasons some presenters are more successful than others

  • Develop more effective ways of communicating face-to-face

  • Present with increased confidence as an individual or team

  • Utilise visuals to support a presentation