Professional Speaking

Who Should Attend

This is a Level 2 course targeted at individuals who have limited experience of speaking in front of small groups of people. By taking part in a number of practical exercises throughout the day, participants will progressively develop their self-confidence, and communication skills to achieve maximum impact when delivering professional speaking.

Presentation Skills

Course content

• Positive self image

• Planning & Preparation

• Handling and controlling the audience

• Structuring the talk

• Verbal and non-verbal communication

• Persuasive language

• Cultivating a yes mindset

• Tips on using Visual Aids

Learning objectives

• How to plan and prepare systematically for all types
of business presentations

• How to get your message across with more

• How to deal with challenging people and difficult

• Using body language to promote confidence

• How to focus attention on key issues so the audience
will accept your message

• Tips on preparing and using visual aids correctly

• How to overcome nerves when speaking