Project Introduction

Project intro

This course is designed as an Introduction to Microsoft's Project Software. This course will assist delegates to develop their skills in starting, planning and updating a Project.

Project intro2

Who Should Attend
This course is designed for anyone who wishes to understand how the application MS Project deals with projects and who wish to further their working knowledge of this product.

Course content

• The critical path

• Types of calendars

• Creating a base calendar for the Project

• Modifying your base calendar

• Applying your new base calendar

• Resource calendars

• Changing the time scale

• What is a resource?

• Types of resource

• Creating a resource sheet

• Assigning resources to tasks

• Resource views

• Identifying over-allocated resources

• Correcting resource over-allocations

• Task costs

• Total cost for the project

• Calendar view

• Printing and reporting

• Views and reports

• Print a view

• Print a report

• What is a project?

• Project Control

• Planning a Project

• Starting the Program

• The MS Project working screen

• Opening an Existing Project File

• Creating a New Project

• Saving a Project

• Getting Help

• Entering the Project start date

• Entering task into the project

• Making changes to tasks

• Setting and adjusting task duration

• Setting milestones

• Splitting tasks

• Inserting Recurring tasks

• Setting constraints on tasks

• Adding notes to tasks

• Task relationships

• Changing task relationships

• Breaking your project into stages

• Collapsing and expanding your schedule