Interviewing can be stressful for both the interviewee and the interviewer for different reasons. However, it doesn’t need to be this way. An interviewer who is prepared and is aware of the overall strategy and aim of the interview will be well equipped to run an efficient interview and quickly get to analyse the applicant’s capability and suitability for the role. Interviewing can be a key skill for a manager, asking the right questions and reading the interviewee is essential in ensuring the best candidate for the role is recruited. Recruitment can be a lengthy and costly process so getting it right the first time is very important. By being aware of the interview process and techniques, an interviewer can ensure that they maintain control within the interview environment.

“There are many exercises that help delegates to practice how to conduct an interview”

Who Should Attend

This level 1 course on conducting interviews is suitable for a variety of training requirements. It is suitable for managers who want to learn how to plan and run a successful interview or general interviewing staff who have been called upon to be part of the recruitment process and interview panel. The course covers many areas such as interview strategy, psychological behaviour,
questioning skills, body language and handling interviewees.