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Reduce Your Stress Levels




Stress can be a positive thing, which drives us on and helps us to grow, develop and be stimulated. However, when stress reaches a certain level, it can overcome a persons ability to cope and can impact on their physical and mental health.


With the right level of stress you can achieve as much as you are capable of, not to mention a higher chance of enjoying what you do.




Stress Management 2

Duration: 1/2 Day course

Venues: Training can be on your own premises or at one of our luxury venues in Newport (Near Celtic Manor), Cardiff, Swindon, Bristol

Stress Management is when you are aware of your stress triggers and how to deal with them effectively to enable you to perform well in your day to day life.

Stress Management

The word "Stress" is used to describe the physical and/or emotional response to the demands and pressures that modern living means we come under from time to time. In today's world, we experience a lot of demand for out time, inputs and contributions to the organisation we work for and society at large. Such demands are increasing as the world is getting more complex and real-time due to the technological progresses and this can inevitably lead to more stress.

This 1/2 day training course will provide participants with the skills, knowledge and awareness necessary to develop a positive approach to dealing with stress

"By exploring many topics, delegates come to realize that there is more than one solution to dealing with stressful situations"



To be able to recognise symptoms and causes of stress and use practical solutions to either remove or reduce these.


This course is available as part of our scheduled courses at one of our luxury venues or as Onsite Corporate Training.