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Selling Techniques



In the world of high-level sales, successful professionals can no longer rely on luck, determination and a few good contacts. The core element of any business depends on effective selling. Today’s highly competitive markets, full of informed customers with high expectations make it challenging to secure new business and retain existing customers.


This practical and interactive workshop brings together a blend of proven sales skills, behaviours and solution based sales techniques. It removes the element of luck and replaces it with proven, visible and repeatable skills that are the mark of every sales professional who wants to succeed in our fast-changing,

competitive sales environment.

Who Should Attend


This course is intended for all staff who work in a frontline sales capacity who want to improve and work on securing efficient sales skills, building excellent rapport, and understanding customer/client relationship fast and efficiently with the customer, wishing to deliver the right balance between great sales and satisfied customer responses.

Course content

Learning objectives

  • Introduction

  • Qualities of good sales personnel

  • Questioning techniques

  • Opening questions

  • Questions to establish a need

  • Committal & tie downs

  • Benefit selling

  • Closing the sale

  • Recognising buying signals

  • Maximising each sales opportunity

  • Handling objections

  • Positive language - the power of a good attitude

  • Building customer loyalty, projecting a professional image, building rapport, voice presentation skills

  • Understanding the power of the phone and how to use it to influence customers

  • Dealing with difficult customers

  • Handling complaints and angry customers

• Selling using a structured framework

• Maximising the sales process

• A range of sales pro-active sales techniques

• Pitching the sale form the most efficient angle to

 maximise results

• Effective questioning techniques and rapport


• Sales negotiating skills and techniques

• Optimizing sales strategies

• Understanding the importance of the

 customer client relationship in the sales


• Handling objections and resolving complaints

 with a win/win attitude

• How your organisation is perceived by the



“Providing a balanced

approach of theory, practical exercises and group interaction”!



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Duration: 1/2 day course

Venues: At your own offices or our luxury training venues in Cardiff, Newport (Nr Celtic Manor), Bristol or Swindon (Please state your choice of venue when booking)