Telephone skills

telephone skills 2

Course content

  • The positive language, the power of a good attitude
  • Solving the customer’s problem
  • Building customer loyalty
  • Projecting a professional image
  • Building rapport
  • Voice presentation skills
  • Understanding the power of the phone and how to use it to influence
  • Call planning and follow up
  • Active listening techniques, hearing the whole picture
  • Questioning and summarising skills
  • Dealing with difficult customers, handling complaints and angry customers.

Learning objectives

  • Understand callers’ mentality and adopt effective strategies to become more comfortable in handling any situation
  • Handle emotionally charged conversations on the phone whilst staying in control
  • Handle your phone conversations professionally and leave a positive impression on the other person
  • Provide information clearly and efficiently while increasing retention and checking understanding
  • Control your tone and voice, adopt an ideal attitude and choose words carefully to present a positive image of yourself and your services.